Felipe Massa crashes out of race for the German GP

On the opening lap, Kevin Magnussen and Felipe Massa collide in turn one- the Williams flipping over!

Felipe Massa is out of the race, but the good update is he is OK. He climbs out of the car and heads over to the barriers. Kevin Magnussen continues the battle, but reports damage on the front right tyre. Daniel Ricciardo took avoiding action and has dropped well down the field at the result.

Latest Update: The stewards are investigating the first-corner crash between Massa and Magnussen. And the Brazilian has just headed to the medical centre for a check-up.

The stewards report that there will be no further action taken on the incident between Felipe Massa and Kevin Magnussen at Turn One. Magnussen is 20th, while Massa is out.

Massa’s reaction after the incident >> Accident was a little bit more scary watching than being inside

  • Boycottthebull

    Not darts! He should avoid anything with a pointy end!

  • Boycottthebull

    Another Massa massacre! There are poor drivers out there like Maldonado and Sutil but then there is Massa who is just plain reckless. When he gets a glimpse of the front of the grid he gets tunnel vision and total brain fade and charges till ge takes someone else out. When he is in that mindset it would never occur to him that Magnussen got a better start and moved up the inside, and he was well up on the inside to have right of way for he had nowhere else to go. Massa is a maniac. And of course its never his fault. He says he always has bad luck but actually he always has good luck in that he never seems to get penalised for one of his mindless charges. The stewards must not have seen the overhead footage of his crash with Perez and it clearly shows Massa make a sharp movement to the right to clip Perez. And it will get worse, the more Bottas gets to the podium the more incensed that Massa will become. Surely Williams can find someone that doesnt conduct themselves like a rookie every race.

  • AmazonJungle

    Same old tunes from the Brazilian – “It’s never my fault” and the same old “This year I’ll win the championship” at the start of every season. A clear waste of space in F1. Still drives like he’s a rookie. Williams should give the seat to an up and coming young driver. Bottas is a fine example. Secured 2nd place in today’s race even when we had limited track time on Friday by lending his car to Susie Wolff. Massa would be better off going back to Brazil and joining the exciting dart championships with Da Matta, Burti, Pizzonia, Piquet Jr., Marques and Zonta.

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