Alonso talks down Ferrari’s ‘big hope’ for better 2015

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Fernando Alonso sounds underwhelmed, having been told of Ferrari’s bold plans to push him to the very front of the grid in 2015.

As arguably the best driver in F1, Spaniard Alonso is always a centrepiece of the ‘silly season’, but this year there are real signs his patience with the Maranello team is finally ending.

He has been linked with a move to his former team, McLaren, who are switching to works Honda power next year with the biggest budget in its history.

But it emerged at Hockenheim that, last week, Alonso was shown Ferrari’s plans for a major improvement in 2015.

“I hope the presentation I put his way impressed him, but you should ask him that!” said technical director James Allison.

Predictably, Alonso was indeed asked — and Ferrari might not like the answer.

“I’ve been in formula one for fourteen years,” he said. “I’ve heard a lot of plans.

“In July and August each team is very strong, in November they’re even better and by January they’re dominating.

“But only in February are the facts on the table,” Alonso insisted, according to Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport.

Spain’s Diario AS also quoted Alonso as saying at Hockenheim: “Only two or three teams can win races. You would need a crystal ball to know what will happen next year.

“What Mercedes has shown is that it can be fast and dominant in this new era of F1, while we have not worked well enough with the new rules.

“But it’s not like other years where everything was more or less on the limit. I think the step between the cars of 2014 and 2015 will be much bigger than what we saw in the past.

“That is the big hope we have, but everyone in July will have the same hopes as well,” said Alonso (GMM)

  • PlopFace

    What an observational opinion. You like Ferrari but dislike red bull for being shady and pushing the limits of the rules. Ferrari were and still are the kings of manipulation. Just because red bulls recent innovations have been more visible doesn’t mean Ferrari isn’t pushing the rules the exact same way. Ferrari are the ones who had their flexing wing and floors banned way before red bull was even competitive. All teams push the rules and that’s what the sport is about. To think your team is not pushing the rules is insane.

  • Kubrick

    In Fernando I think there are 2-4 more years of unquestionable mental and physical strength, ambition and the craziness to push a car to the limits. I’ve been a Ferrari fan since about 1999. However, what I saw in Alonso’s driving skills in 2012 blew my mind away. It was out of this world. So I decided that I will “follow” him, cheer for him wherever he goes, unless it’s RedBull (no, really! I hate them for always pushing the rules to the limits and playing shady). He now has money, fame, recognition from media, from team-bosses and challengers, he needs 1-2-3 more titles, and if Ferrari can’t give him that, he should pursuit his happiness elsewhere. I would have liked this to happen at Ferrari, but they simply can’t deliver. They are fighting with Spyker Force India for crying out loud! F*ck the money, f*ck the bad talk he will probably get for switching teams, he should visit Honda, have them swear on their mothers’ graves they will give McLaren a super PU (they can start developing several months earlier than the rest) and have a beautiful 2-4 years driving with talented, respected and respectful team-mates like Button or whoever they will sign next to him!

  • Rubén Blanco

    Next year another dissaster.

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