FIFA ‘wants to ban’ Rosberg’s world cup helmet

Nico Rosberg World Cup special edition helmet with the FIFA trophy
FIFA, the governing body of world football, “wants to ban” Nico Rosberg‘s special helmet livery for the German grand prix.

Earlier this week, delighted with the national team’s world cup victory in Brazil, Mercedes driver Rosberg announced he will wear a “special edition helmet” this weekend in Hockenheim.

The 29-year-old German revealed on social media that the livery includes an image of “the FIFA trophy”.

But according to the major German daily Bild-Zeitung, FIFA “wants to ban” Rosberg from wearing it.

Indeed, in its public guidelines, FIFA warns that it vigorously protects the ‘official marks’ of the world cup, including the image of the famous golden trophy.

“Any unauthorised use of the official marks not only undermines the integrity of the FIFA world cup and its marketing programme,” said FIFA, “but also puts the interests of the worldwide football community at stake.” (GMM)

  • tharres09

    hahahaha what a joke… FIFA and integrity should never go hand in hand

  • Shobhana Paul

    Well Said!

  • Daniel

    They would of let him use it, if he was German.

  • Wiesdom

    FIFA did the right thing – FOM are the most pathetic of the buch atleast with football you dont have FIFA stopping websites and youttube clips with FOM you can d a single thing – least we forget this site used to be called f1today and FOM got the site closed down. So yes anything to stop F1 drivers from abusing other brands is welcome.

  • KevinW

    Its pretty sad when free fan expression falls within the control of a “marketing programme”. If I were Nico, I’d replace the image of the golden trophy with a bird…. rendered in gold.

  • Richard Durishin

    If you ever think that the world is about ANYTHING but money, stop and think again!

  • Shawn

    Nico is a real football fan, How he can express his happiness…

  • Richard Piers

    Just how pathetic can people get ! No doubt a few quid slipped into the right “pension” fund would make everything OK. How dare these people talk about integrity.

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