New F1 rules has turned drivers into taxi cabs – Ferrari

2014 Ferrari F1 car
Luca di Montezemolo has warned he is prepared to take action to improve formula one.

Fiercely critical of the sport’s direction, culminating in the new era of quiet, hybrid engines, the Ferrari president recently wrote a letter inviting the sport’s major stakeholders to an emergency meeting.

Speaking with the German newsmagazine Focus, the 66-year-old laid out his repeated fears: “The rules are too complicated, the drivers have turned into taxi drivers.

“They must save fuel and tyres instead of being fast. The teams have to decide how much fuel they’re using and how many tyres are wearing out.

“Before, it was the best man winning in the best car.

“Now, the viewers – the ones in the stands and the ones in front of their TVs – no longer understand. As it is now, we must do something. Otherwise formula one has no chance,” he said.

Luca di Montezemolo, the Chairman of Ferrari

Luca di Montezemolo, the Chairman of Ferrari

Montezemolo said it is up to F1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone to act, and “If he doesn’t, I’ll do it myself. I see it as my duty,” he insisted.

“The need to do something to recover the lost charm of formula one is urgent,” said Montezemolo.

At the very same time, there are those who believe Ferrari has more pressing issues to address, such as the pace of its F1 car.

It is believed engine chief Luca Marmorini has now paid the price of Ferrari’s 2014 struggle by leaving Maranello, and the latest rumours are that designer Nikolas Tombazis and technical chief Pat Fry are also in doubt.

The trend has Ferrari insider Leo Turrini worried.

“I do not think the decline in performance can be attributed to individuals,” he said in his Quotidiano blog, instead pointing out a culture change since the end of the ultra-successful Michael Schumacher and Jean Todt-led era. (GMM)

  • Schumi4ever

    Your comments would have had a lot more credence Luca if Ferrari were leading the championship. Unfortunately, Ferrari have once again produced a dog of a car this year under the new regs and heading nowhere. So whatever comments you are making now to ‘improve F1′ stink of your meddling to improve the chances of Ferrari. Not buying it.

  • Shawn

    I also supporting, Luca. F1 is the No:1 Motorsports in the world, every sports and games need cost control, but there introducing lots of worst rules for cost cutting. The results is happening fans-cutting. 20% Formula 1 global television audience fell, following the worst rules introduce. Missing the powerful speed sound of the V8…

  • KevinW

    Bravo… I’d add that the same idiotic idea of what fans want in competition that wrecked Indy and NASCAR are the same now being applied to F1. For some reason decisions are being made by ad executives that don’t watch racing, but figure they know what race fans want. They think we all want some faked entertainment version of the sport, where at any moment, regardless of talent and skill involved, anyone can win a Grand Prix. The manipulation of the regulations so a couple of automotive marketers can say (read: lie) that they apply what they learn in F1 to their road cars… (when the exact opposite is true by rules committee construct) and that racing actually be made green, is particularly transparent to anyone who knows the technology now being applied. F1 has lost its edge, its drama, its excitement, its intrigue… by design. Bernie has lost his power, and those who are using this as the opportunity to take control have lost their minds. Luca is as much a part of the problem as Bernie, so will not have any effect, no matter how many press releases he makes indicating he is here to the rescue. His only interest is in digging Ferrari out of the deep hole it is in now… when that is fixed, he will figure F1 is fixed, and that’ll be the last we hear of him.

  • easy rider

    At last someone who understands what the fans want… that said if it did return towards the proper racing then the bigger teams must pay into a pot to support smaller teams, they could start by scrapping the tyres and fuel regs and bringing back re-fueling

  • Sennamonster

    Go get them M

  • Bob Clarke

    Agree completely.

    And why don’t the broadcast people “mike” the tracks better so we can hear what noise there is on the TV? They do it at football and baseball stadiums. Why not F1?

    Seriously, if the F1 broadcasters put as much attention to detail in their broadcasts as, say, the Tour de France folks, the sport would be much better off. Have to compliment NBC in the USA, tho. Starting at Monaco, their broadcast turned into more of a love letter to F1 than an ad-filled orgy for the advertisers.

    For the first time ever, we actually got to see something of Monaco besides, ads, promos, more ads, more promos – and a little racing. Nice job. Do more of that. Canada, Great Britain and Austria were well done, too! It’s just that the hills were alive with the sound of – well – weird sex toys. But Luca’s going to fix that!

    I truly hope so because in my humble opinion, both NASCAR and IndyCars were ruined years ago by the same sort of arrogance and stupidity.

  • Firehouse Racing

    No, Luca. Most taxi cabs are reliable vehicles with drivers that know what they are doing and are able to pass in heavy traffic. Totally, different from the Ferrari team.

  • BTS

    100% behind you Luca. F1 has become a very expensive farce. F1 should be about drivers and their cars. Don’t want to hear: I need to overtake the car in front, what shall I do?

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