Rosberg hits back at Hamilton’s ‘not German’ attack

Rosberg hits back at Hamilton not German attack
Nico Rosberg has hit back at his teammate Lewis Hamilton, after the Briton said next weekend’s German grand prix is “not really his home race”.

F1 now heads from Hamilton’s home turf at Silverstone to Hockenheim, where German-born Rosberg might expect similar levels of local support.

Not so, Hamilton told reporters, because Germany is “not really his home race” as Rosberg has a Finnish father and he grew up and still lives in Monaco.

“What a stupid and unnecessary attack by Hamilton,” said the major German daily Bild.

Also in reaction, Sport Bild published a huge colour photograph of Rosberg’s face decorated with painted German flags.

Rosberg hits back at Hamilton not German attack F1

On Facebook, meanwhile, big football fan Rosberg celebrated Germany’s 7-1 win over Brazil in the world cup semi-final by posting a photo of himself in a room littered with Germany-themed flags and memorabilia.

And when asked about Hamilton’s comments after testing at Silverstone on Tuesday, Rosberg said: “Anyone can judge however they want.

“What do you want me to say?”

He admitted he might not be as German as Hamilton is British “because I didn’t grow up in Germany, but I consider myself 100 per cent German.” (GMM)

Photo credit: Sport Bild/daily Bild

  • Shobhana Paul

    Nico playing mind games to beat Hamilton, better he should focus in driving quick. HAM is the champ :)

  • FIN_f1-fan

    I am a Finnish F1-fan and supported Nico Rosberg for a very long time. When he started, he was driving uder Finland’s flag and was a very cool guy like young Mika Häkkinen. He did not try to get pole positions by dirty Schumacherish driving, Nico was the one with the Sisu. When he entered to F1. he used to say to media: “I’m half-Finnish”, or when he beaten Kimi Raikkonen: “I was the best Finn today”, even though he was driving under Germany’s flag.

    So, Nico has turned out to be 100 % German now? – Goodbye, Nico. May Lewis Hamilton to became the champion in 2014!

  • Alan Barton

    All this crap needs to stop with Hamilton and Rosberg.

  • disqus_0KNrUSe6P1

    never let the truth get in the way of a good media beat up over nothing 😉

  • 92gsr

    You forgot the part where Nico said he was present during the comment and it was a joke being blown out of proportion.

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