Lotus E22 gives 18-inch F1 tyres unveil during Silverstone in-season test

Lotus E22 gives 18-inch F1 tyres at Silverstone test 2014
Formula 1 official tyre provider, Pirelli has launched its new concept tyres in the Silverstone pit lane, with Lotus E22 hitting the track with the new 18-inch rubber this morning session.

Charles Pic, who had already tested with Lotus during winter testing at Barcelona, will be the man in charge of driving the car.

The new low-profile model Pirelli tyres will test on the Lotus E22 at Wednesday’s test with Charles Pic.

“It’s not in the regulations, it’s not going to happen for two or three years, so it’s part of enabling people to understand what it would do for the look of the car,” Pirelli motorsport boss Paul Hembery said.

“We will have to make some minor changes to the car to enable us to do it, but we thought it would be a worthwhile exercise, because everybody has talked about it but it’s not something anyone has seen.”

Poto credit: Pirelli/XPB/Lotus F1

  • KevinW

    So, the question is not whether the extra mass of the larger wheels, the lower profile/ less compliant sidewalls, and added camber sensitivity is good for F1, it’s about how great they will look? Yeah, sounds about right. That’s where the tire/wheel business has been going for years, larger ridiculous “bling-me” wheels at the detriment to performance – so, why not jam it into F1. They fell for the green plague marketing of complex turbo hybrids being the future of all things automotive, why not dubs? Perhaps next we can address all that messy advertising garbage scattered all over the cars, paint them all shades of silver and we’ll have complete mini-van relevance! Oh wait, the way this sport is headed, the disappearance of sponsor graphics will solve itself. as it has with McLaren.

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