Ferrari testing a new noise solution at Silverstone in-season test

Ferrari testing a new noise solution
2014 Formula 1 third and final in-season staged at Silverstone on Tuesday (Today) and Wednesday.

Two vital things try-out there, new noise solutions and 18-inch concept wheels, teams are expected to try other solutions to the famous noise problem, with Ferrari already seen with a separate exhaust for the wastegate, before having it built-in with the main exhaust.

Ferrari, Lotus, Red Bull and Marussia are set to offer a day each to Pirelli tyre testing and there will be focus on the Enstone based squad in particular when they take to the track on Wednesday with the Italian firm’s 18-inch design wheels.

All Drivers’ line-up: 2014 F1 Post-British GP test

After Raikkonen’s 47G accident at the British GP, the Finn has been replaced in Ferrari’s line-up by Jules Bianchi.

A megaphone style exhaust tested by Mercedes after Spanish Grand Prix, and that failed to make the quieter new cars sound any louder, “It wasn’t a great solution,” Nico Rosberg said after Barcelona test. (Images © Ferrari)

  • Mick

    Its not a gimmick, its more hardcore.
    Most racecars vent the wastegate to atmosphere.

  • Stewy44

    This is dumping the wastegate. it will be a lot louder. it will sound like a drag car now, which might be worse. you just hear loud whooshing as opposed to engine!

  • Firehouse Racing

    It’s a continuous loop of Alonso’s whining. The “WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH” is very similar to the old V-10 sound, but louder.

  • KevinW

    Does anyone really care about the exhaust noise anymore? Layering more fakery onto the mounting pile of gimmicky silliness in F1 is a bit tragic.

  • General Rush Hour

    You need to use the reply button if you actually want to communicate with Shawn who´s asking the question.

  • Dean

    its in season testing anything can be added to the cars or changed thus nothing is deemed illegal

  • Shawn

    This concept is illegal?

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