Grid Girls Photos – F1 2014 British Grand Prix

Grid girls in the paddock ahead of the race, for 2014 Formula 1 British Grand Prix.

All Grid Girls photos collected from social media and related forums. And abouve showing all images © respective owners.

  • Ralph

    So is your face!

  • Ralph

    Durr was 50th Anniversary for Silverstone!!

  • thescope

    Kaffa, there’s nothing wrong in being gay. Come out of the closet, son!

  • speedfreak

    Why the 1950’s theme? My granny could’ve done it. Time to move forward, please!

  • kb

    @ Kaffa You must hate Hamilton

  • Nick


  • Hot

    Those English girls look busted, not one pretty one at all, I bet nicks gran looks hotter !

  • Kaffa

    @ nick
    Listen mate white people are true British , we don’t want to see some gangster hoochie mamma black bitches, shaking their fat azzes with their afros weaves and stinking up the place coconut butter infused B.O
    People like you make me sick, forgetting that we are a great empire and with out white British people many places in the world would be living in the stone ages you dirty son of a gun

  • Benji Ford

    That’s because it was a 1950s theme

  • Nick

    PRetty interesting that all the girls are European whites, no blacks, asians or middle eastern

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