2014 F1

It was my mistake – Lewis Hamilton

The wet conditions had dramatically improved by the final seconds of qualifying as rivals try to improve their second runs but Hamilton abort his final lap, bad luck the Brit felt the lap was worse, he fall down to sixth as rivals improved their timing.

“It’s my mistake” Hamilton admits, when the reporters ask about Q3 self-decision.

Hamilton “I don’t know, I don’t have much of an answer,” says Lewis Hamilton when BBC’s Lee McKenzie asked why he aborted the lap. When reporters pushed for an answer, a disappointed Hamilton added: “I just decided not to do the lap.”

Hamilton says: “Obviously not. I don’t have anything to say to you at the moment.”

Mercedes chief Niki Lauda told the paddock reporters, that it was Lewis Hamilton’s decision to abort his final quick lap.

“It was tricky in the end, we were both well in the lead, then we had to make a decision on whether we go out again.

“They both pushed to go out. Lewis thought the circuit was slower so he stopped, Nico kept going.

“It was Lewis’ decision because he thought he cannot go quicker but Nico proved you can go quicker and he was proved right.

“This time Nico was outstanding again to grab pole under these difficult conditions.”


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