Bernie Ecclestone admits F1 buy-back possible

Bernie Ecclestone offered to pay more than $40 million to stop bribery affair
Bernie Ecclestone has admitted he might buy back formula one.

The Silverstone weekend kicked off amid rumours major shareholder CVC could be considering selling its stake.

The reported front-runners are multiple consortiums, separately involving grandee teams Red Bull, Ferrari and even Lotus’ Gerard Lopez.

But also in the running now is F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone, who is reportedly at risk of being ousted by CVC over a corruption scandal for which he is currently on trial in Germany.

The Daily Express newspaper, however, claims 83-year-old billionaire Ecclestone could simply buy back the sport he so successfully developed.

“I have spoken to (CVC’s) Donald Mackenzie and I am looking at it,” the diminutive Briton confirmed.

“Our company has been a very good investment for CVC and it would be a very good investment for me or anyone who owned it.” (GMM)

  • Boycottthebull

    His formation of the illegal strategy group is just a prelude to his take over. He will destroy F1 if he is allowed to do so. His agenda has already been made clear, to send the smaller teams bankrupt and to cut deals with the rich teams for 2 car lineups and the cancelling of historic races that dont pander to him with heaps of under the counter tax free cash.

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