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F1 boss wants three cars on top teams and low budget team quit F1

F1 boss wants three cars on top teams and low budget team quit F1
Another proposal on his mind, Bernie Ecclestone Formula 1 supremo expressed that, eight team Formula 1 competition running 24 cars. Top teams run third cars and low-budget outfits should quit F1 if they are powerless to pay huge bills.

‘I’m ready for a Formula 1 with eight teams with three cars each. Ecclestone told Gazzetta dello Sport as quoted by Autosport Magazine.

‘Is it better to have a third Ferrari or a Caterham? Ferrari could maybe find new sponsors in the USA and an American driver: fantastic. It is the same for the others.

‘Take Caterham: it has invested lots of money and it would need just as much, so it looks for paying drivers. What for, since it has never been competitive?’.

Bernie discussed the same subject before and like many of his proposals has proved out of favour with the watching public.

The thought of only eight teams on the grid would certainly sadden the majority of spectators who believe it would go against the spirit in which Formula One has developed.

Also Haas Formula will join the grid in 2016 and another team ready to be accepted into the fold.

“It’s not easy to start from scratch, F1 costs money,” he added.

“To buy a team with a windtunnel, simulator and so on, one requires an investment of around €150 million. And you haven’t even started: then you need the drivers, the right technicians to build the car, and the good ones are few and expensive. That’s why Ferrari wanted Newey.”


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