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No talks between Raikkonen and Magnussen following several track incidents

F1 rivals Kimi Raikkonen and Kevin Magnussen admits that, they are not clearly talks about the various race incidents among them this season.

The rookie and veteran three times involved different races incidents, first one in Malaysian Grand Prix. On lap two of the Malaysian GP Magnussen “destroyed” the Spaniard’s second race of 2014 F1 season.

Magnussen’s car tagged the back of Raikkonen’s Ferrari heading into Turn 1, puncturing the right-rear tyre on the F14 T, and also criticised the Kevin for damaging his Ferrari in the next race in Bahrain.


Latest one in Monaco GP, on lap 74 – Raikkonen then tries a pass on Kevin Magnussen at the hairpin but gets it wrong and they both stop after lightly hitting the barriers. They both get going again, though.

Magnussen questioned his rival’s judgement of the move following the race, and joked with Danish TV that maybe Raikkonen had been drinking.

But Magnussen told reporters ahead of this weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix that he had not spoken to his rival about any of the incidents.

“There’s not much to talk about really, I’m pretty sure we both understand what happened in those different incidents, so we learn and move on from that. Magnussen told Autosport

“It’s not something we do on purpose; it’s something that is an accident.”

Raikkonen say again that he only hit Magnussen in Monaco after running out of steering lock and needing to reverse to rejoin the track, and said he wasn’t worried by criticism from his rival.

“He can say what we want in the news, that is his choice, sometimes it goes like that. Raikkonen said.

“I tried [to pass him] in Monaco, but I didn’t hit him – I just couldn’t turn around any more. I hit him when I reversed because he was behind me, I had to push him backwards a little bit, but he can say what he wants. It is up to him.”(GMM)


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