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Two DRS zones for 2014 Canadian GP

This weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix will once again have two DRS zones after the FIA decided to “double-up”.

Last year two DRS zone used, but there will be only one activation point – the first zone is 55m before Turn 12 (Casino Straight) and the second is 70m after Turn 14 (Start-Finish Straight).

In this season will be two DRS zones in Canada. They share a single detection point, located 110m after T9. The first activation point is 55m before T12, the second 70m after T14.


► Asphalt has replaced gravel around the outside of Turns 10 and 13.

► The barrier on the outside of Turn 13 (right of the pit entry), has been moved further back and a new debris fence has been installed.

► New guardrail posts have been added in order to ensure that no spacing is greater than two metres.

► The speed bumps used in 2013 at the exit of Turn Nine and the final chicane will be in place again this year.


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