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Mercedes: 110% confidence team can manage drivers

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff is 110% confidence his team can manage the simmering rivalry between its drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, even as still letting them race.

Last race weekend at Monaco, the competition between the Mercedes duo heated over, following Rosberg beat Hamilton to pole position in doubtful situation.

Rosberg’s Pole give him an easy victory ahead of team-mate Lewis Hamilton, Hamilton made his sadness known but has afterwards announced that he has cleared the air with Rosberg.

“It is a matter of managing the situation, in our case we adopted the philosophy of letting them race, which as a consequence means management is a bit more difficult. Wolff told Press Association Sport.

“But I try to be as transparent and as neutral as possible, to give guidance to a situation in a way that it is not detrimental to the team. That is because our team, Mercedes, comes first and we will never accept an individual putting themselves above the team.

“Both of them know that, accept it and have adopted that philosophy.”

Asked if he could ‘keep a lid on the situation’, the executive director said: “Yes. Absolutely. We are managing the team, they are part of the team, part of a very large organisation and I have 110 per cent confidence it will not be to the detriment of the team.

“Monaco was obviously a difficult one, but our sixth win in a row, so let’s continue to let them race and hopefully we’ll end the season without any incident.

“At the moment we have quite a bit of a margin we can allow ourselves and provide a little bit of entertainment to everybody.”


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