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Monaco GP: Hamilton not pleased with team’s pit-stop decision

Lewis Hamilton not much happy following the Monaco Grand Prix, first 75% of the race Lewis Hamilton greatly push his team-mate Nico Rosberg, but in the final stage he very much struggled and managed second place ahead of Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo.

Also the Britain says he much struggled in final stage with vision issues and to talk about his vision problem, but then changed his mind.

“I saw a crash and they could have come in, I should have come in, I think we have a rule that the guy in front gets the preference to pit first, I think that will be why.” Hamilton told Autosport.

“I had quite a bit of wind coming in, I got close to Nico at one stage and I got some debris or dirt in my eye,” he added.

“I was driving with one eye, which is virtually impossible to do. Through low speed corners I had to close the eye, which made it worse, but with five laps to go it cleared up and I was able to stay ahead of Daniel.

“I drove with all heart and drove fairly all weekend. I leave today quite happy and go in to the next race with even more energy and a new determination.”


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