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Red Bull team member saved Raikkonen’s life from Monaco pit-lane

Ferrari speedy Kimi Raikkonen narrowly escaped from the huge pit-lane life threatens. The Finn was just seconds away from missing this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix, following nearly being run over by Sebastian Vettel.

Kimi was standing in the pit lane during today’s free practice, completely unaware Vettel’s Red Bull was about to be released by his mechanics – straight at the oblivious Raikkonen.

It was only the quick-thinking of one of the Red Bull team member that saved Raikkonen from a nasty injury, just days ahead of the street circuit race in Monaco.

Red Bull mechanic named “Big Nige” as he quickly moves Kimi out of the way before the mumbly Finn can be run over by a Red Bull car as it speeds out of the pit.

I don’t know Big Nige, but he seems like a good guy, and quick on his feet!P

However, the way this season’s been going, I’d hate to think what he what have done had that been Lewis Hamilton or Nico Rosberg instead.


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