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Double DRS zones retained for 2014 Spanish Grand Prix

Two DRS (Drag Reduction System) zones will be in use at the Circuit de Catalunya.

The first one will have a detection point just before Turn 9, and it will run the length of the short straight between Turns 9 and 10. Don’t anticipate much to happen down here.

The second will have its detection point just after Turn 15 and will run for most of the length of the long pit straight, ending with braking for Turn 1, with activation 157m after Turn 16.


► The kerb on the approach to Turn One has been renewed and the verge behind it is now laid with asphalt.

► The kerbs on the exit of Turns Nine and 12 have been renewed and the artificial grass behind them extended.

► A 7m wide strip of gravel around the outside of Turn 11 has been replaced with asphalt.


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