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Porsche reveals passing close to enter F1

Porsche-Logo-C-588Many times Porsche has been announced enter Formula 1, but they never did. Fenhausen-based carmaker preferred battle internally within the parent company Volkswagen Group.

Up till now rumours saying true: Porsche went well close to enter F1. But the Endurance project finally won, even if it opposes Porsche Audi. This is what reveals Wolfgang Hatz, head of research and development to Autosport

“There were only two options – F1 or LMP, but Le Mans is our second home.” He told Autosport Magazine.

“What could have influenced it was if someone in the group had said ‘Yes, but Audi is there and you cannot compete with Audi’.

“If someone from senior management had said this is not possible, we would have had no other alternative [but F1].”

The German manufacturer has already hired people with Formula 1 racing experience, including Fritz Enzinger, Alex Hitzinger, Mike Krack and recently Sauber engineer Urs Kuratle.

Fritz Enzinger was in charge of BMWs F1 Test and Race Organization, Alex Hitzinger is an engine expert who has worked for Red Bull Racing and Toro Rosso, and Mike Krack and Urs Kuratle were race engineers at BMW Sauber.

Last December Formula 1 governing body FIA revealed that it is seeking a twelfth team to fill the last spot on the 2015 or 2016 grids. Currently Porsche’s ambitions are limited to Le Mans.


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