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Dennis: Hamilton could come-back to McLaren when we are competitive ways again

424316-11495946-640-360McLaren still dreaming Lewis Hamilton’s arrival, recently team chief Ron Dennis expressed that, 2008 world champion could make return to McLaren if the team prove high competitive performance.

“Who knows? As and when – and I can assure you it will be sooner rather than later – that we return to the level of competiveness that we have enjoyed in the past, he could well be one of the drivers that could be attracted back to us, and he will be better for having experienced life in a different team environment.” Dennis told Sky Sports.

“I think money played a role in it, but it wasn’t a deciding factor, the fact is that for him it was possibly time to move on – there had been commitments made from both sides – and I appreciated and knew what the turning point was. He added.

“I know Lewis’s character and he was bitterly disappointed to not win the Singapore Grand Prix. Strangely enough it wasn’t the failure of a McLaren component that forced him to stop in that race, but nevertheless he was vulnerable and the right offer at the right time was made to him [by Mercedes] and so he jumped.


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