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Raikkonen: “A few laps, but we learned new things”

1a899530-666b-4b5a-aadf-171c276e475a_800Kimi Raikkonen returned to the wheel of the F14 T, and Ferrari working hard in preparation for the opening grand prix of the season. The morning has been delayed for a problem on the car that took time until the lunch break for the modification.

Once back on track Kimi was able to run more frequently, alternating aerodynamic measurement in a series of tests with efficient laps on a short mileage.

“We had a small problem today, which limited the number of laps but still managed to learn some new things about the car” Kimi told Ferrari website.

“You always want to do better, but every team has unexpected things happen and we are still trying to do all we can to be ready for Melbourne. During the race weekends there will be little time to try different things in terms of setup, so it was important today to keep on this track to find out what’s the best direction to go in.”

“On the final day of the test, we will put everything together that we have learned so far and will concentrate on the conditions we will encounter in the races.”

Testing continues at this circuit tomorrow, when Fernando Alonso will be on track.


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