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Final F1 test Bahrain: Renault powered cars still suffering with cooling problems

BheTsSVCEAA3-MXAutosport’s Grand Prix editor EDD STRAW learns and claims that, Renault powered machines are still struggling through the pre-season testing.

“Clearly, Renault is still struggling with its engine, with its four teams having completed 134 laps so far today. By contrast, both McLaren and Williams have logged close to 100 already.

“If the cooling problems are unique to Red Bull and caused by its packaging of the engine, this is a real concern. Until it finds a cooling configuration that allows the engine to work to its current potential, progress will inevitably be slow.

“Sister squad Toro Rosso has managed 56 laps today with its Renault-engined machine, so at least Red Bull will have some extra clues from its junior team.

“Red Bull will get there, it’s too good a team not to. The question is, how long will it take? The Australian GP is looming very large.”


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