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Schumacher suffered with lung infection during awakening procedure

schumacher-2003_2776670bMore rumours about the health of Michael Schumacher, who was admitted from December 29 last year at the clinic in Grenoble, following critically injured himself after falling and banging his head on rock as skiing during in the French Alps.

Matter you need to bring with warning, particularly following the false statement of his death spread via twitter.

The German media Bild reported that, Michael Schumacher would have suffered in recent days, of a lung infection (pneumonia). The doctors treated the pneumonia with a course of strong antibiotics His spokeswoman, Sabine Kehm, turn down to comment on what he calls “conjecture”.

Lung infection during in this time very common in patients in a stage of deep coma, that incubated, unable to clear themselves of mucus that accumulates in the respiratory tract.

This, over time, causes an infection that can expand into pneumonia and lead to death if not treated in time with massive amount of antibiotics. Also according to German sources, however, the danger expressed was that time.


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