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Lowe oppose with Newey on the nose lowered


Following the opening pre-season test at Jerez, Red Bull technical head Adrian Newey had expressed serious doubts about the safety in F1, and he suggested that low noses could lead to situations where drivers are forced underneath a car during impact.

But, Mercedes chief Paddy Lowe believes the new nose designs will increase driver safety and said that the nose lowered came into force following extensive studies on security in recent years.

“This is something that has been discussed and studied extensively by the TWG [Technical Working Group] for years, but especially by the director of the Institute of the FIA who does a lot of research in this area,” says Lowe.

“They are the ones who made the recommendation as what the nose lowered were the best solution, the best compromise for a different car accidents can know.”

“It is not there a perfect solution for each type of shock, but we must consider the impacts according to all possible types of direction around cars, particularly an impact with a rear tire as we saw in Valencia with Mark Webber, where the flight is a real risk. This is particularly where the nose is lowered very useful. Analyzes and researches say that this is the best compromise and I respect that.”

The disagreement is total between Lowe and Newey on the subject, since it just put into question the nose lowered to such a scenario, namely a frontal collision with the back of a car.


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