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Renault: Formula 1 will not lose speed with V6 engines

Renault 2014 F1 V6 EngineRob White, the Deputy Managing Director of Renault Sport F1 claims that, F1 will not become a radically slower sport with new turbocharged 1.6-litre V6 engines.

“The short answer is yes [F1 will retain its speed]. What was an academic question in the beginning has become a lot more real from every point of view, but we have no need to worry.” White said.

“Obviously we are still in the virtual world and not on-track but we have measured PU performance on the test bed and have matched the most optimistic predictions.”

“We believe that the Power Unit will deliver a lot of power and will be more than enough to make cars quick. The way that the cars will deliver this performance will be somewhat different this year due to the PU and aero regulations. The driving experience will be quite different, but we will absolutely see real speed out on track.”


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