Brundle predicts Hamilton will win races in 2013 F1

Sky Sports F1 specialist Martin Brundle has expecting Lewis Hamilton will win races with Mercedes for 2013 Formula 1 season.

Brundle also said that Mercedes will be much stronger in 2013 and moreover 2008 world champion got such pace. Hamilton’s departure was good news for Jenson Button, F1 pundit added.

Mercedes seize their first race victory in last season at Chinese Grand Prix, also they are earned 142 championship points and set fifth place in constructors’ championship.

“I’d be very surprised if Lewis doesn’t win a grand prix for Mercedes-Benz,” Martin told Sky Sports News on the opening day of the Autosport International Show in Birmingham.

“I think their car will be much stronger, he’ll find a quarter of a second per lap and even if you apply that to the 2012 car then over a fifty- or sixty-lap race it would have made a big difference.”

When asked, Mercedes is the right choice for Lewis. Martin said, “He’s right to do what he thinks is best and it’s certainly not for me to be judgemental on him in that respect. Had I been his manager then I think I would have said ‘let’s do a short-term deal at McLaren, for one or two years, and let’s see what is out there and see who is moving’. He has taken a gamble.

Martin replied when asked if Hamilton’s departure was good news for the 2009 World Champion. “Without a doubt, Lewis heading off means that it is Jenson’s team and because the fastest driver in the world has left he can now concentrate on leading that team. I think it’s a role he will grow into.”

“For me, the drive of the year was by Lewis in Austin when he hunted down and passed Vettel. That was just supreme.” Martin says best drive in 2012 F1 season.

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