Ferrari considers Brazilian GP yellow flag incident now closed

Scuderia Ferrari confirmed that, season finale Brazilian Grand Prix yellow flag incident now closed following Formula 1 governing body FIA confirmed that Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel passed STR’s Jean-Eric Vergne legally on lap four of race.

Wednesday Ferrari send the clarification letter to FIA over an overtaking move Sebastian Vettel had appeared to make under yellow flags at the weekend.

Following the Ferrari request FIA explained on Thursday that a green flag had in fact been signaled previous to he made the move and therefore there was “no case to answer” over the incident and the move was in fact completely allowable.

“The request for a clarification from the FIA, regarding Vettel’s passing move on Vergne, came about through the need to shed light on the circumstances of the move, which came out on the Internet only a few days after the race.” Ferrari published a statement on their official website.

“The letter to the FIA was in no way intended to undermine the legality of the race result. We received tens of thousands of queries relating to this matter from all over the world and it was incumbent on us to take the matter further, asking the Federation to look into an incident that could have cast a shadow over the championship in the eyes of all Formula 1 enthusiasts, not just Ferrari fans.”

“Ferrari duly takes note of the reply sent by the FIA this morning and therefore considers the matter now closed.” Ferrari said.

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