Ferrari considering replace gearbox in Massa’s car for American GP

Ferrari considering that changing the gearbox unit in Felipe Massa’s Ferrari F2012 ahead of the start of the American Grand Prix.

The Ferrari speedy initially qualify sixth place on the grid, if they change Massa’s car gearbox unit, acquire a five-place grid penalty and drop him down to 11th of the grid.

The Italian outfit still not confirmed this subject; spokesman says that the Ferrari was looking closely at the issue.

“We are evaluating the situation right now,” Ferrari spokesman said.

The other main subject in this move, the unverified penalty would prove to be a bonus for Fernando Alonso, the will Spaniard lifted one place to seventh, and its dirt free side of the starting grid.

“I think it will be the biggest difference you ever saw at a start,” said Massa.

“It will be massive. This morning I did the start on the left, and I was slower than in the wet.”

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