Vettel: Offensive language incident was ended

Championship leader Sebastian Vettel believes that last Grand Prix offensive language using incident was ended. And he added that there was no need for such a big fuss following the event.

Championship leader Sebastian Vettel and race winner Kimi Raikkonen swore, live on air, while on the podium following last race weekend at Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Vettel also prepared for the opening Grand Prix race at US, following the simulator training, it looks quite interesting and he hints get inside the car that is most important.

“I think if you’re sensitive you should watch – I don’t know – some kids’ programme. You have the remote control in your hand, so you can choose.” Vettel said during the Thursday press conference

“Surely it wasn’t intentional at the last race. I think it’s a bit unnecessary to create such a big fuss but anyway, if I said some things that weren’t appropriate then I apologize but I think there’s not a lot I have to do differently to succeed in that regard.”

The German added “We also prepared in the simulator but apart from that I haven’t seen much. I will walk the track this afternoon but I think if we have to wait until we get out until we have a judgment on how the circuit feels. So by the looks of it, it looks quite interesting, but you know it’s always the feeling you get inside the car that is most important, so I’m looking forward to tomorrow.”

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