40 million Euros HRT’s sale value – Spanish media

(As.com)Thesan Capital, owners of the team HRT: 40 million Euros. Is the amount on which its directors negotiate to try to get rid of the computer, thus recovering the investment made by taking over its management after the departure of Jose Ramon Carabante, beset by debt with Banco Popular. Its main asset is the license to participate in Formula 1 since the rest of its infrastructure has a residual value: the cars are old, uncompetitive engines and used based on a rental.

This is why investors who have contacted with the perceived high cost, so expect to HRT’s financial situation is critical to get a discount on these claims. This is the case of Colin Kolles, real specialist in this type of situation as suffocation equipment.

Meanwhile, engineers concern among Spanish structure is important. They do not have the means to put the cars on track with minimum guarantees, to the extent that they fear for their safety. The problems of Pedro de la Rosa in the Indian GP or accident Narain Karthikeyan in Abu Dhabi (he blocked the accelerator) were due precisely to these shortcomings. So much so that the team management was raised for the immediate withdrawal of the championship, eventually dismissed for not breach its contractual commitments.

China was the great hope

One of the main lines of negotiation for China points to HRT. The enormous potential of an emerging economy and the relationship of the Spanish team with local rider Ma Qing Hua opened an opportunity for the survival of the project. So much so that Saul Ruiz de Marcos, its chief executive, sent a letter to the heads of the country’s motorsport federation confirmándoles Chinese status as one of its race drivers for 2013, in addition to its participation in the Shanghai race next year, inviting them formally. Thesan seeking an investment from China around 30 million Euros, which have not yet finished but neither materialize the contacts are closed. All indications are that the Chinese strategy is to exhaust the deadlines and pressure the team to try to negotiate down.

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