McLaren: 2013 F1 tyre test in Interlagos is vital

Formula 1 official tyre supplier Pirelli confirmed that the two sets of 2013 F1 pattern tyre will provide for Brazilian Grand Prix opening practice at Interlagos and it will benefit to all teams can collecting data for next season.

But McLaren’s sporting director Sam Michael says that Interlagos practice test will be significant because the wet weather condition possibly in Brazilian GP. Tyre role is very important for all, this season Pirelli are made important role for podium finish.

“Extremely. It is very important because that is the only opportunity before February [to test them]. Sam Michael told Autosport.

“They [Pirelli] are different casings front and rear, so that will be the only point that you get that data.

“If we turn up in Brazil and it rains on Friday then that is it, but it is like everything in life: we are engineers so we try and dissect and analyse everything so we don’t get surprises in three months’ time.

“If no one gets any data then you do what you do, you adapt and react in February, but it is correct that the test is pretty important for the winter. If it changes something fundamentally on the car that you suddenly need to change designs for, then that is what is critical when they change tyre casings.”

“The base set-up of the car is pretty close, the drivers are all good and, while they are doing that testing, it is not like they are not driving around and braking and thinking,” he added.

“They are not just thinking about tyres themselves. I don’t think it will make much difference to the championship.”

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