Hamilton set to talk with McLaren chairman Ron Dennis

Lewis Hamilton and McLaren chairman Ron Dennis mutually confirmed that to meet up again in Abu Dhabi grand prix week.

McLaren guy Hamilton was signed a new multi-year contract with Mercedes, also he said, visited the McLaren factory in Woking on Friday but there had been no big send-off speech.

Yesterday 2008 world champion said during media event in Delhi, the duo are set meet up again in Abu Dhabi next week to have a dinner with good chat.

“I haven’t sat down and spoken to anyone just because we’re still in the motion of the year,It’s not the end yet.” Hamilton told the Times

“It’s important now to try and keep the motivation up high, so when I went back I did the normal things that I do. But I spoke to Ron and we are planning to meet up. We will go for dinner, have a good chat. I’m very sad that we’ve not been able to win another World Championship. I feel that we, as a team, are good enough to have done so and I feel that I’m good enough to have done so. For whatever reason, it hasn’t happened and I’m not going to complain.”

“For the rest of the year it’s just to try and help the team win the constructors’ championship. Realistically we are too far away to win the drivers’. If we did through some kind of miracle, then I’ll eat my words.”

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