Hamilton: Not surprised by Red Bull’s recent domination

Lewis Hamilton says that he is not surprised by Red Bull racing recent attacks, and its offered top place in drivers and constructors championship for defending world champions.

Vettel earned 75 points from last three races, and now he leading on third consecutive Drivers’ Championship title.

But Lewis Hamilton says Vettel has been one very lucky guy, while Lewis Hamilton now fourth in the drivers title 62 points behind the leader Sebastian Vettel.

“When I won the World Championship, I wasn’t as lucky as Sebastian has been to have a car that’s as dominant the next year as well,” Hamilton said.

“I’m very sad that we’ve not been able to win another World Championship. I feel that we, as a team, are good enough to have done so and I feel that I’m good enough to have done so.

“For whatever reason it hasn’t happened and I’m not going to complain. For the rest of the year now it’s just to try and help the team win the Constructors’ Championship.” Hamilton added.

“Realistically we are too far away, I would say, to win the Drivers’ title. If we did through some kind of miracle, then I’ll eat my words.”

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