Hamilton: Need to analyze second practice trouble

Lewis Hamilton says that he doesn’t know what’s happened in second practice session, first practice session pace setter was too struggled in FP2 following the locking up and wide running.

McLaren speedy took quickest lap-time in the first practice session. During the second practice he was struggled too much with braking problem and wide running (mainly in Turn 1), he suggested to his team that need to analyze second practice difficulty.

2008 world champion expecting, McLaren can improve the performance tomorrow, because his team-mate Button’s second practice session performance hints positive feeling for better qualifying.

“The first session was great, the first session was fantastic, and I don’t really know what’s happened in this session so we need to analyze and I need to look at it. Wind direction has changed and all those things but it didn’t seem to affect other people so I have to try and figure that out.” Hamilton said

: “It’s not difficult at all; that’s why I put [my hand] up! It’s easy! And I kept going wide, straight on.”

“We’ve got time, we just have to be calm tonight and try and figure out where we want to go and the direction settings with the car. Jenson obviously wasn’t in such a bad position today, so the car definitely has some pace there we just need to extract it.” He added

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