McLaren reveal Hamilton’s rear suspension failure in Japanese GP

Last grand prix at Japan, Lewis Hamilton complained following qualifying and the race, the car was struggled with balancing issues.

Lewis Hamilton started from the ninth and finished fifth, the Brit successively managed his car. He told the reporters ahead of Korean GP, McLaren now knows what was wrong with his car.

Following the race McLaren revealed that Hamilton’s understeer problems during the Japanese GP weekend were reasons that a rear suspension failure.

“It didn’t actually i know my car very well, so it’s very rare that I get it wrong. And if I do it’s only a little bit and I can still manage it. Hamilton told Autosport.

“But this was the worst it has ever been set up, and I was really shocked that I had done that. I hoped it wasn’t my fault, but fortunately the guys did a lot of analysis after the race and found out that we had a failure on part of the rear suspension, so that’s comforting.”

“There was just a part that helps the balance and when you set it up it should react in one way but it didn’t do that. I’m happy that we found something, so it won’t be a problem for this weekend.”

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