Hamilton says sorry to Button following Twitter incident

Today Lewis Hamilton said that he had say sorry to his team-mate Jenson Button over a twitter incident, but said he had no plans to stop share the great experiences.

Following the Japanese Grand Prix, Hamilton: “Just noticed @jensonbutton unfollowed, thats a shame. Following 3 years as teammates, I thought we respected one another but clearly he doesn’t.”

After few times Hamilton tweeting he had made a mistake: “My bad, just found out Jenson never followed me. Don’t blame him! Need to be on Twitter more!”

“But there’s nothing we can do about it. I apologise. That is it. We move forward. I apologised to him. I couldn’t get hold of him on phone, he had a late night out on Sunday, and then he replied, and I saw him.”

“Perhaps me and Twitter don’t go too well,” he said. “I don’t know what I am going to do. I like it because I like to be able to share the great experiences I have with the fans, but lots of people get it wrong – and I am one of those – so I will try and improve.”

In the same time, Button was left confused by the number of questions he was facing on the topic.

“People have their own opinion. For me it’s amazing we are sat here talking about it at a grand prix,” he said. “Lewis came and apologised which was good.

“Twitter is good for someone in the public eye as you can give the public an opinion straight from the horse’s mouth. Anyone can follow you so you will get positive or negative comments, people with different opinions and it is always going to be the way so you won’t always be happy with everyone’s comments on Twitter. it is the way it is, it’s open to the whole world.

“We all have to do what we think is right. That’s it. I follow him [Perez] because I purposely wanted to say welcome. That’s the only reason why I followed him. And now I can’t unfollow him. I’m not allowed to do anything on Twitter these days.”

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