Alonso: Hamilton’s title chance is a little bit lower

Championship leader Fernando Alonso says that, McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton’s 2012 F1 title chance is a little bit lower, Vettel’s back-to-back victories downward his title opportunity.

Sebastian Vettel securely finished on top podium at Singapore and Japan, now he is second on the drivers championship, just four points behind Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso.

Alonso believes Vettel’s recent victory affected Hamilton’s opportunity, also now the Brit need chasing two drivers, German and Spaniard.

“I think it is more difficult for Lewis because now it is not only one driver ahead that you need to take points from, we [Alonso and Vettel] are two with more or less the same, and [Hamilton] is back, so the chance is a little bit lower.” The Spaniard said.

“He still has the possibility. If we see the form of McLaren and Lewis from before Japan, there is still plenty of time and plenty of points to do it.”

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