Alonso: Hamilton is right to join Mercedes

Championship leader Fernando Alonso says that McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton’s move is right to join Mercedes for next three years.

Last Week Friday Lewis Hamilton announced to join Mercedes with three year deal. Fernando was worked with Hamilton in his first F1 appearance on 2007 F1 season.

The Spaniard added that Hamilton will be very aggressive and he thinks from next year the Brit is a clear competitor for the championship with Mercedes and also Brawn’s strong company at the back him.

“Well I was a little bit out of the world because I was travelling and I was not informed every second or every reaction so I know that Hamilton signed for Mercedes and Perez for McLaren but I don’t know what they said or why the reasons or anything like that so it’s difficult to comment,” Alonso said.

“Obviously it’s a surprise when big teams change drivers because there are a lot of repercussions but I didn’t read what they said or anything.

“I think it’s normal, it’s just steps in your career, and I said when the rumours were there that for Lewis I think it’s a good thing to move on.”

“For McLaren, [Alain] Prost was going out, [Ayrton] Senna; it was me, now it’s Lewis, and usually for a better life, for good change. McLaren is 14 years not winning the constructors’ championship, most of these years sometimes with the best car, so I’m sure Lewis wants to win as well.”

“I think he did great at McLaren, he’s a star of Formula One, he won one world championship which is the target for all of us, he won races, he’s considered one of the best drivers and now I think for the next years he will enjoy it more.” Alonso added.

“He will be very competitive and I think from next year he is a clear contender for the championship with Mercedes. It’s a top team with Ross Brawn there and with all the potential of the company behind, so it’s very strong.”

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