Pirelli announced tyre compound for the Japanese, Korean, and Indian GP

Pirelli declared its tyre compound for grand prix in Japanese, Korean, and Indian Grand Prix.

In Japanese Grand Prix, Pirelli will provide hard and soft compound, this set of compound previously used in Spanish Grand Prix and British Grand Prix.

Soft and super soft will be used in Korean Grand Prix, the same compound will be applied in the Singapore Grand Prix next weekend.

In Indian Grand Prix the drivers will be used hard and soft compounds at their clearance, Last year the same mixture used there but this time the harder tyre will be the prime and the softer the option.

Each team will get six sets of the harder compound and five of the softer for the race weekend.

“With India being new to the calendar last year, Pirelli’s engineers faced the challenge of accumulating as much simulated data as they could about the Buddh circuit,” Pirelli said in a press release.

“This year, the tyre nomination has been made with real data, and as a result the hard and the soft compounds have been selected to provide the best spectacle on one of the longest straights in Formula One, as well as some complex multi-apex corners that put plenty of energy through the tyres.”

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