Button pleased with McLaren’s consistency

Jenson Button quite disappointed with his car’s trouble and mid race retirement. But he still expects 2012 F1 title chances.

The Belgian GP winner made a bad start due to the wheel over spinning, after some laps he was getting back his position from Massa. In lap 34 Jenson Button stop his car in run to the Parabolica, and he told via radio, it was a fuel pump failure.

Button says he needs more consistency for victory and also he also pleased with McLaren continues domination in both qualifying trim and race trim.

“I had too much wheelspin at the start, and that dropped me to third and caused me to lose a lot of time behind Felipe (Massa). But it was nice to get past him, put some clear air between us, and then start chasing down Lewis.

“I was never going to challenge him for the win, but it would have been great for the team if we could have finished first and second. But it wasn’t to be.

“I don’t entirely know what caused my car to stop – I’m told it was a fuel system problem that we’re still investigating. The engine cut out and I had to coast to a stop. These things happen.

“But, looking for the positives, I want to offer my congratulations to the whole team. We’ve proven over the past few races that we’re very strong in both qualifying trim and race trim. That consistency is really key, and we haven’t seen that form from any team all season, so that’s very encouraging indeed.”

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