McLaren: Complete victims of an incident in Belgian GP

McLaren have rejected to lash out at Lotus’s Romain Grosjean following the French man put a indentation in Lewis Hamilton’s title indicts, following the British speedy out of the race today.

Lewis Hamilton starts from the seventh on the grid; following the start of the race Grosjean crossing the track and touch with Hamilton’s front, just losing McLaren’s control and Hamilton can’t avoid the Lotus move.

Both Lotus and McLaren hit out the Sergio Perez and Fernando Alonso, the concluding of whom was fortunate not to be hit on the head when Grosjean’s E20 was airborne. Also Fernando Alonso escapes from the injury, Grosjean flying on top of the Ferrari front nose.

“I wouldn’t want to print the words I was thinking when I saw the crash,” McLaren’s team boss Martin Whitmarsh told the BBC.

“Grosjean just kept coming, for Lewis and the others, it was a shame for all of them and us as race fans.

“It is not my business to say if a penalty should be awarded. They were complete victims of an incident.”

McLaren’s technical director Sam Michael charged Grosjean of squeeze Hamilton.

“I think what happened is that Romain came across and squeezed,” Michael told Sky Sports F1. Romain didn’t have anyone on his left-hand side and Lewis had nowhere else to go because he was already on the side of the track. I don’t think he saw him. Normally he is a good driver.” He added

Following the incident Romain Grosjean says he needs video footage

Hamilton says he can’t explain more about the incident, People can see what happened. He added

“I really don’t want to talk about the start. People can see what happened,” said the McLaren driver.

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