Alonso disappointed with points lost and lucky escape from serious injury

Alonso is helped out of his car after a first corner crash

Fernando Alonso says that he is disappointed with points lost, even as he says also lucky that escape from serious injury in the Belgian Grand Prix start collision.

Romain Grosjean and Lewis Hamilton made a crash in Spa start-line, but the consequence was innocent victims Fernando Alonso and Sergio Perez have also retired from the race following this incident.

Championship leader Fernando Alonso was just escape from serious injury; Romain Grosjean flew over the top of the Alonso’s Ferrari and crashed with Perez.

“I’m disappointed because of the points lost,” Alonso said. But I’m also lucky that I can be in the car in five days at Monza because looking at the image, we were turning in so you could have a problem with your hands or even your head because [Grosjean’s] car was so close.

“I think we broke everything on top of the car. It was lucky in that aspect.”

“I didn’t know what happened until I saw on TV because it was difficult to imagine how the hit could be so big or how a car could be on you so quickly, After seeing it on TV, I saw Grosjean and Lewis touch each other. They lost control and then it was in front of us.” He said

“I stayed in the car for a few seconds because I had back pain, Then there was a little bit of fire so they came with extinguishers and I decided to jump out because I could not breathe with all the smoke there.” he explained

“The first thing was [Pastor] Maldonado, I was surprised because we still had the red lights and he was already P3 or P2. So it was a big jumped start. Then the start was good, I overtook the two Saubers and was in third position.

The Spaniard added “Then I started turning in and then it felt like a train coming. It was a big, big hit.”

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