Anthony Hamilton goes to court in dispute with Paul di Resta

The argument recently raise between Force Indian’s Paul di Resta and his former manager Lewis Hamilton’s father Anthony. The Telegraph is reporting that Anthony goes to court in dispute with Force India driver Paul di Resta.

Anthony Hamilton has brought a case for illegal termination of deal and loss of earnings. But, in defence papers laid on Monday Di Resta claim that he dismissed Hamilton following learning he had been misled over a multi-million pound deal with the Energy Drink company Go Fast, which never came to fruition.

Di Resta alleges that he took the contract, set up by his friend Jordan Wise and worth €5.5 million (£4.3 million) a smaller amount commission, to his former manager late 2011 season.

Anthony purportedly said it would make common sense to buy Di Resta’s sports drink rights from Force India so that they could proceed with the deal, telling the 26 year-old they were worth €2 million (£1.56 million).

After hearing nothing for some time, Di Resta allegedly went to his team at the Chinese GP earlier this year to ask them what the situation was.

Force India purportedly told him that the rights were worth only €1 million (£800,000). At this point, Di Resta allegedly decided to end his deal with Anthony Hamilton.

Telegraph reveal that the duo had parted previous to last month’s British GP at Silverstone, although Di Resta would not comment on the reasons behind their separation.

“I think everything has been said,” he said. “I can confirm we are not working together. That is the matter at the moment.

“I am fully focused on my racing. At the end of the day it is results that count for me and that is what will drive me forward. We have had a good year up to now and aim is to carry that forward.”

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