Schumacher switched off engine as high temperatures issue

Michael Schumacher says that he was switched off engine on starting grid on Hungarian Grand Prix, switched his engine off following the yellow lights were shown.

Primarily, it seemed as though Schumacher may have do again Takuma Sato’s mistake of Silverstone 2005 by accidently fumbling the stop switch.

Following yellow flag in starting grid other guys are takes one more formation lap and Schumacher was go to the cut off on the grid. He was starting the race from pit after his first he was punctured and receives a driver through penalty for over speed in pit-lane. Mercedes was found some telemetry issues in Schumi’s car and decided to be safe and stop the car.

“We had yellow lights, pretty high engine temperatures and I decided to switch off the engine as they were waiting so long,” Schumacher said.

“Obviously that meant starting from the pit lane, then I got a puncture. I don’t know how or what happened to pick up a puncture because obviously there was no contact; I was alone by myself. Then having a drive through – I think maybe the pit lane limiter or something didn’t work through the puncture phase – and then the race was decided.”

“So it was just about trying to hang out and see if maybe something unusual would happen that we could take benefit from, but in the end because we had these engine temps and we had some telemetry issues we decided to be safe and stop the car.”

“It is what it is and you have to take it as it comes. You have to learn your lesson, improve from where we are and work even harder.

“The team has been showing performance in quite a few races this year, so we are capable of [being competitive]; we just need to get our acts together again … We have had our highlights and we have had our down moments like today, so we have had kind of everything.”

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