Red Bull chief says Hamilton did nothing wrong in German GP

Red Bull Racing team Principal Christian Horner has echoed McLaren’s speech that nothing wrong with Lewis Hamilton overtook Sebastian Vettel to unlapping in the German GP.

Sebastian Vettel fight with Fernando Alonso for top podium, Hamilton entered between Vettel and Button after his pit-stop, and instantly overtook front runner Vettel with fresh tyre and its cost his valuable time. After the race Vettel says Hamilton move was ‘stupid’ in the post-race press conference.

Following the race McLaren team Principal Martin Whitmarsh says no stupidity in Hamilton’s move on Vettel in German GP. Read Bull chief accepted the rule and says Hamilton did nothing wrong and arguably helped his team-mate.

“If you look at the rules, I don’t think that there is anything to say that a car can’t unlap itself,” said Horner.

“It’s frustrating that it cost us a second and it’s unfortunate that he didn’t unlap himself from Fernando as well.

“If it had cost Fernando a second as well, then it would have negated the disadvantage of being unlapped. But he was entitled to do it.

“We probably dropped about a second when Lewis unlapped himself, which was frustrating. But when you are fighting for hundredths and tenths of a second, that’s the way it goes sometimes.”

“Obviously, drivers’ emotions run high,” said Horner. “It was an unusual situation because usually when you lap a car, it doesn’t come back past you. But Lewis was on fresh tyres.

“In Seb’s opinion, it affected his race and it did affect his race. But it’s within the rules and he [Hamilton] did nothing wrong and arguably helped his team-mate.”

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