Brawn says Pirelli will not change dramatically this season

Mercedes AMG team principal Rose Brawn says that not any complaint about the Pirelli compound and he added that you want victory – keep your head down and do a better job than anyone else. The most teams admitting that they not yet fully recognize how to extract the most excellent performance from Pirelli’s 2012 tyres.

“You either can complain about it, or keep your head down and do a better job than anyone else,” he explained. “That is what we are faced with, because the tyres will not change dramatically this year.”

Talking about how well his own team recognizes the Pirelli, Brawn replayed: “We know what is needed; we just don’t know how to achieve it. Don’t get them too hot and don’t let them get too cold – and that is really it.

“The difficulty is you have four tyres on the car and you go to a circuit like Barcelona where the left one is getting too hot and the right one is getting too cold, and that is down to track configuration. You need to work out how to get the tyres to work well together, and look at how the tyres work around the track to get the best balance.

“What is fascinating is seeing cars for some of the race look very ordinary, and then suddenly they come into the window and become quite extraordinary. It is a very interesting challenge.”

“I think in 2010 there was an argument that it almost got too predictable, the tyres were too well understood and they were too consistent, so there was a certain predictability about how the tyres were going to behave,” he said.

“It was relatively easy to get to know how they were going to work, and I remember there was a time there were comments about the predictability of the tyres and the need to shake it up a bit.

“Getting it exactly right for everybody is a pretty difficult task, but I think teams will get better as the season goes on. We have made progress in understanding how the tyres work, but we haven’t completely got on top of it. Each race provides another piece of the jigsaw to get a better understanding.”

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