DRS to be banned in 2012 Monaco GP tunnel

Once again DRS (Drag Reduction System) banned from using tunnel at the Monaco Grand Prix on safety reasons, Autosport reports.

This season drivers will be allowed to use their Drag Reduction System all the way along the start/finish straight during the race at Monaco.

In 2011 DRS to be disabled during the Monaco tunnel for the reason that of concerns that it could put them in a dangerous situation if they were forced to use it there during practice and qualifying.

Result to forbid DRS in the tunnel was welcomed by drivers in advance of last year’s race, and there was even more relief afterwards in the wake of Sauber F1’s Sergio Perez’s horrifying qualifying crash.

Perez accident highlighting the dangers of that section of track, sources has revealed that the FIA has again agreed to limit use of DRS in the area that encompasses the exit of the Portier corner and all the way through to the chicane.

In 2011 McLaren’s Jenson Button was one of many drivers backing the FIA judgment to ban DRS use through there.

“It was necessary,” said Button of the decision. “The tunnel is a very slippery place with a lot less grip than the rest of the track and marbles bouncing off the barriers and coming back onto the racing line.

“The first person that tried to use DRS in the tunnel was going to put it in the wall. It’s a very good idea. It’s not going to help overtaking through the tunnel and it’s pointless having it. It’s an unnecessary danger.”

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