F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone doubt Mercedes will quit

F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone says that he is very much doubts that Mercedes will depart from Formula 1. The rumor that the Mercedes quit following they were not offered the same Concorde Agreement terms by CVC Capital Partners as the likes of Ferrari, McLaren and Red Bull.

“I very much doubt that Mercedes will leave,” he is quoted as saying by ESPNF1, adding that “they are upset at the moment because they feel they are not being treated in the same way as Ferrari.

“Our comment is a simple one, we are treating Mercedes in exactly the same way and that is what the problem is. All of these teams’ commercial set ups are based on the length they have been in Formula One and the results whilst they were there. Unfortunately Mercedes have only been there a couple of years.”

Some reports says that McLaren, Ferrari and Red Bull looking on the new board following the floatation on the Singapore Stock Exchange.

“I don’t think they have decided who is going to take that seat,” Ecclestone said.

“It has been assumed that as the people in Bahrain are the major shareholders that they probably will but I don’t know. I don’t care to be honest. There’s nothing we can do. “

“We haven’t said it has got to be this or it has got to be that. We have assumed perhaps it would be Bahrain because they own 50% of McLaren. I thought it would probably be Mr Dennis. Whether or not the board have decided this I don’t know.”

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