No penalty or reprimand for Rosberg blocking Alonso and Hamilton

Nico Rosberg escapes from penalty or reprimand following he involved in incidents with both Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso in the Bahrain GP.

After the race the investigation, four FIA stewards – one being experienced racing driver Emanuele Pirro – ruled that Rosberg’s move had been perfectly legitimate as, in the two cases, Hamilton and Alonso were not already alongside the Mercedes when it began to move across the circuit.

‘(Rosberg) commenced his move to the right after the exit from Turn 3 and moved to the right in a constant and continuous straight line manner, not making any sudden movements (as evidenced by telemetry and video evidence),’ the first stewards report reads. ‘At the time he commenced his move, (Hamilton) was behind him and no part of his car was alongside.’

Regarding the second moment, with Alonso, the report included: ‘No part of (Alonso) was alongside (Rosberg).’

The Ferrari driver clearly disagreed with the rulings, sharing his feelings on Twitter first in Spanish language, translated by English – “I think you are going to have fun in future races!” he said. “You can defend position as you want and you can overtake outside the track! Enjoy! ;)))”

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