Red Bull gives FIA reflection to China

Red Bull still requesting Mercedes DRS F-duct clarifications, The Champions team Principal Christian Horner are waiting until now, whether FIA race director Charlie Whiting says the new F-duct also in the third race in China legally. If not threatened protest.

“We have asked for further clarification of the FIA,” admitted Red Bull team boss Christian to Horner in the Sky TV. Race director Charlie Whiting is currently being bombarded with requests. Again and again, new arguments are put forward why the controversial system should be illegal. Auto-motor-und-sport published.

“The first thing to say sometimes that it’s a pretty clever system,” admits Horner. “Hats off to Mercedes, who have integrated into their car. Our opinion, it lies in a gray area of the regulations. Before we continue to pursue and even resources and finances to put a system like this, we want clarity.”

Even in Malaysia, there have been many discussions with the FIA. According to Horner Whiting has his final judgment yet to be spoken. “I think he wanted to think again. We will respect his position, of course, if he gives us clarity in China.”
Red Bull thinks of protest after

Respect the opinion and come to terms with the opinion, however, are two different beasts. In the event that the FIA, the Mercedes system further considers legal, there are two possibilities, according to Horner. “You either accept the verdict or watch how a similar solution to your own car brings. Or a protest, if we or another team have the feeling that we are not agree with the interpretation of Charlie.”

Red Bull seems to be willing to want to carry the case before the FIA Court of Appeal. “They protested against the decision of the stewards at the track, make a decision after a hearing,” said Horner about the legal action. “After each side has the right to appeal against this judgment. We hope not to say that it gets that far.”

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