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Ecclestone: no worry surrounding 2012 Bahrain GP

620-axaHt.St.55F1 supermo Bernie Ecclestone says that no worry surrounding 2012 Bahrain Grand Prix on April 22. Bernie believes Bahrain is admirable of its chance once more as he told Sky sports: “Of course the race is going to happen. No worries at all.

“What I don’t understand are the negative statements being made, people catching them and continuing them. They’re saying things they don’t understand.

“People say to me ‘There’s not going to be a race.’ And I say ‘Well how do you know?’ And they tell me they saw or read something, but it’s all nonsense. These people (the Bahrainis) were brave enough to start an event in that part of the world, and that’s it. We’ll be there as long as they want us.”

“Whatever is necessary to do will be done, and which is probably not necessary anyway,” added Ecclestone. We’ve never been concerned about security in the past. I don’t understand why people should be concerned now.”

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